College Degrees Are Never a Waste of Time

People with college degrees are less likely to take part in smoking


Five Reasons Why College Degrees Are Never a Waste of Time

College Degrees / When deciding whether or not to go to college, a young person takes many things into consideration. College is not for everyone; however, most studies have shown that when college degrees are earned, it benefits not only the graduates but also their families and the community itself. Below are just some of the many reasons why graduating from college is always a good idea.


  1. Degreed Parents Raise Smarter Children

People who earn college degrees are three times more likely to read to their children and their children are three times more likely to know the entire alphabet and be able to count to twenty by the time they enter school. Children of college-educated parents are also twice as likely to visit museums and libraries so it is obvious that, with few exceptions, parents with degrees raise children who are smarter than average.


  1. People with Degrees Utilize Less Public Assistance

One of the biggest advantages to getting a college degree is that you are likely to make more money in your lifetime than people who only graduated from high school. Educated people are therefore less likely to need any type of public assistance, saving the state and society as a whole a lot of money over their lifetimes.


  1. College Graduates Are More Socially and Politically Active

Mostly because they have received well-rounded educations, people with college degrees are more likely to vote and be active in volunteer work. This includes civic, religious, and social organizations and they are two-and-a-half times more likely to vote and stay active in policy issues than high school graduates, which always benefits both society and the community.


  1. College Graduates Are More Likely to Be Healthy

People with college degrees are less likely to take part in smoking, heavy drinking, and drugs and more likely to get regular exercise, making them a lot healthier than their high school graduate counterparts. If they have advanced degrees, roughly three percent are smokers as compared to fifteen percent among those who only finished high school. This makes them healthier overall, which also contributes to their continued involvement in important issues.


  1. Degreed People Have Higher Job Satisfaction

People who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree are also much more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. Roughly sixty percent of college graduates report being happy with their jobs as compared to fifty percent of high school graduates and only forty percent of high school dropouts. Considering how many years the average individual is in the workforce, this is an important statistic.


A Few Final Thoughts

Regardless of the statistics you are looking at, it is easy to see that people with college degrees are happier, healthier, and more productive citizens than people who only graduate from high school or drop out before they graduate. When it comes to the things that make us better citizens, a degree can perhaps be the most important item that you have hanging on your wall because it can open doors that few other things in life can.

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