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The best free online courses with certificates!

We live in a time when constant improvement is necessary, but fortunately it is within reach. Regardless of what you do, additional knowledge is always welcome.

Free online courses with certificates are a great way to improve your knowledge! If you already have all the knowledge you need for the job you are doing, you certainly want to master others, have you always wanted to be a writer or create your own mobile app? Visit some of the locations below and start learning!

Free online courses with certificates

In today’s world, everything is at hand without being aware of it. There are many free courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home.

Do you want to learn how to work in Photoshop or WordPress, or do you want to finally learn how to do calculations in Excel? There are several MOOCs (Mass Open Online courses) on this list, most of which are completely free.

The standard education or training generally works in such a way that the professor teaches, you do homework and hold seminars, and he or she later reviews and evaluates them.

They also have lectures at school and take exams and exams. Learning has become boring or boring, you are not motivated, and the professor misinterprets the content himself.

But new times have come with a more innovative and different methodology, more active and interactive teaching methods, free online courses with certificates.

In this case, we will rely on training courses that combine the two basic requirements of computer and internet.

Are you looking for a job or do you want to switch to an existing one? Do the goals you want to achieve seem unachievable? Always stay one step ahead of the rest with these free tools!

The solution is simple, you need constant training. Once you’ve completed formal education, the real adventure of lifelong learning begins. The main difference is the approach, because no one pushes you to education anymore and there are no formal frameworks unless you set them up yourself.

According to the current state of the job market, you are constantly competitive throughout your entire learning in the market, regardless of whether you are looking for a job, switch to an existing one or want to change it. It also gives you confidence because it is about new knowledge and skills that you did not have before.

This way you are more open to new opportunities and more motivated. In the long run, your goal is to continue your personal progress without limits.

Fortunately, there are many online resources that can bring you new relevant knowledge and are free. You can find training from Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Pennsylvania, nonprofits like Amnesty, art institutions like MoMA, and companies like Microsoft.

Some of these universities even allow you to get a diploma or certificate, but you still have to spend some money on it. Even if you don’t graduate, the fact that you’ve completed your education will look very positive on your resume.


Free online courses with certificates, learning opportunities!

The best free online courses with certificates!

Think of all the areas in which you were interested that you have not yet got to know. In areas related to your work area, think of unexpected training that can open up completely new perspectives for you.

You will find several well-known platforms (Udemy, Coursera, edX, TED-Ed and Academic Earth) in the article, but there are many more available, so you can also learn via audio podcasts or YouTube. Most have mobile apps, so you can turn any place into your own classroom.

Online certifications (free online courses with certificates) are particularly desirable for those in the creative field, for example when working with new media. We offer some of the most useful and useful programs and websites where you can get them mostly for free.

If you believe that college education does not provide you with enough practical and useful knowledge, you should get an online certificate. Not only will you learn more and improve in a certain area, but you’ll also stand out in the crowd when you apply for a job.

It used to be that you could do whatever you wanted with high school. Not long ago, a university diploma was enough. That is no longer enough today. Employers are demanding more and more knowledge, experience, technical skills and ambition from their employees.

Therefore, recruitment experts points out that online certification is no longer an option, it is a necessity that enables you to become more competitive in the job market.

Online certifications “free online courses with certificates” are particularly desirable for those in the creative field, such as working with new media – social networks, marketing, advertising or public relations. For them, knowledge of HTML and CSS, Adobe, Illustrator, InDesign, Google Analytics and SEO is crucial for success.




A place where high quality lectures are collected that are available to everyone around the world. Computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology and marketing are her target areas for which you can obtain a certificate and sometimes a degree.

With a large selection of courses, EdX also has an interesting blog that deals with the success stories of the students and presents educational opportunities based on content.

For example, a Blog 4 personal finance course that can improve your life, inspired by Warren Buffett’s words that every child should learn about finance, guides you through price / value differences, investments, and healthy money habits.

EdX was created by Harvard University and MIT, so the quality of these lectures is certainly equivalent.

EdX is another large, unlike other large platforms, nonprofit MOOC platform that offers university-level courses in a variety of disciplines for a wide audience, mostly without the option to pay.

Interestingly, this platform does research and collects learning data based on how users use the platform.


Academic earth

Academic Earth was founded with the idea that everyone deserves a first class education to break down the barriers in the academic world. For this reason, all courses on this platform are free and also produce their original video content.

One example is this five-minute video, in which a protagonist is created for creative writers who is told through sketching in a notebook and storytelling.

With all the learning opportunities, it should be emphasized that most platforms allow you to become a lecturer yourself. There are many highly specialized training courses that find their market, so the range of topics is very broad.

Although it takes a lot of preparation and work, in the long run this can be a great source of residual income and the student will eventually become a teacher.



Coursera currently offers over 2,000 free courses! In Coursera itself, lectures are mostly in video and written form, and tests are often conducted in the form of quizzes or peer review tests for written assignments.

Each course is rated by users, so it’s a good idea to see what others have to say about each course. There is everything thematically: business English, social media marketing, content marketing strategies, etc. Some of the free courses are among the most frequently paid, longer-paid specialties.

The portal offers 2000 different courses on subjects such as economics, social sciences, data and computer science.

You also have your own mobile app. For most courses, you cannot take the final exam unless you pay for it. However, the learning materials are free for many courses.

At Coursera you will find a wide range of free online courses and we can say with certainty that this is why they are the most popular. Many first-class educational institutions like Stanford, Princeton or Bocconi offer courses.

Here you can learn about marketing, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting, IT, management, law, psychology, history, etc. Just have a look at the list of current courses and you are sure to find something for yourself.

Numerous courses are repeated all year round. So if you are late, simply register for the next semester and you will be notified when the course starts. All courses are free only if you want a special certificate outside of the standard certificate, pay around $ 50 (verified certificate), or a little more if you choose the entire specialization, ie for more merged courses, e.g. B. in the field of digital marketing.



Udemy also offers a large number of free courses. We are sure that you know that the most sought-after developers of all kinds are in the world today. You can find exactly such courses on Udemy.

Building a website, building a 2D game, Ruby on Rails, developing Android apps … There are so many options for everyone who wants to learn how to program for free. Udemy could be your first step in this direction.

Udemy is home to over 7 million users listening to programming hours from yoga to photography to photography. So you can choose from more than 30,000 courses offered by experienced teachers.

Udemy makes it easy to search over 40,000 courses by category, so you can find everything from design and marketing to lifestyle and music.

They recently launched the Health and Wellness category on a corporate platform that offers employee courses such as meditation, yoga, ergonomics and stress management.

We have to emphasize that most of the content is free, but some is paid for, which guarantees its exceptional quality. If you think that you can pass on your knowledge to others, you can also use this platform to create your own courses and make a nice profit.



Open culture

Open Culture offers 1300 free online courses and more than 50,000 hours of audio and video lectures from the best universities in the world.

They cover a wide range of topics: archeology, architecture, art, design, business, film, nutrition, geography, history, journalism, foreign languages, law, literature, linguistics, media, communication, music, philosophy and more.



Harvard, MIT

Almost every well-known and lesser-known university nowadays also offers free online courses. In excellent edX you can search and browse by categories (design, architecture, business & management, languages, etc.).

You can also get a certificate for most courses, but it is paid for. You can publish the certificate yourself on your LinkedIn profile. This is useful regardless of your job.

Well-known universities also offer free content for lectures on their own website. For example, Berkeley offers full courses that you can search through iTunes or YouTube.

Sometimes they don’t issue certificates for the content displayed, but more important is the knowledge you get, let alone a piece of digital paper.




If you want to know how startups are created, Udacity is your next internet destination. There you will find a course that answers questions such as what is a minimum product or how to make money.

Aside from that, Udacity offers some other interesting free courses where you can learn how to monetize a mobile app or develop an iPhone app.

From programming to business, design, office productivity, marketing, music, photography and foreign languages ​​to accounting, fitness and personal development, this portal offers over 2000 different courses in up to 30 languages.

Many courses have to be paid for, but prices of $ 10 are quite acceptable.
Udacity is a platform or “online university” that offers a range of courses that lead you to a particular specialization.

You can access many materials for free for a week. If you want to complete your education and get a degree, you need to invest some time and money.




Advertising via Google is quite complex these days and offers many interesting options and opportunities. For this reason, it is easy for a good expert on the Google Ads advertising platform to find a job today. Learn the secrets of advertising on Google.

Google itself offers a number of videos and materials to help you master Adsense. In addition to the ads, it’s good to know Google Analytics, for which you can also find all the materials online.

If you want to be familiar with coveted jobs, you can apply for Google Analytics or Google Ads certification (including separate exams for: AdWords basics, search engine advertising, display advertising, video advertising, shopping advertising, mobile advertising) , All materials and exams are completely free and accessible to everyone.

Google Analytics. This is a Google tool that is useful for anyone managing an online site. Also ideal for start-ups.

You can find Analytics courses in different categories on the “Google Analytics Academy” page. No matter if you are a beginner and learn the basics of this tool, if you are advanced and want to improve, you will definitely get useful knowledge and certifications, and for sure you will get free online courses with certificates!



HTML / programming

A big plus is the knowledge of how to create a website. This ability is no longer only for those who are exclusively concerned with technology.

If you learn HTML or CSS, you will definitely win. If you learn these two programs, you have the opportunity to create your own website independently, but also to edit an existing website easily and professionally.

There are online programs you can learn about, e.g. B. at or the General Assembly. The programming languages ​​Java and C # are suitable for expanding applications. You can use them to create programs that handle more complex arithmetic and logical problems.



Future Learn

Future Learn encompasses a wide range of courses in various areas such as politics and international business, business and management, health and psychology, technology, law, history and language learning.

Each course follows the principles of effective learning by discussing with other members of the community. Courses are also available on mobile devices, so you can customize the course to suit your life and tasks.



Code Academy

Learn some of the 10 most popular programming languages ​​in a few hours, and if you want to educate yourself, you need to put some resources aside. If nothing else, you may see if the computer world is really your future or a temporary adventure.

Unlike Udemy me, Code Academy can be a good start (or fun) to your programming career. There you will learn a variety of programming skills in an entertaining and interactive way. You can develop them further with this service, which has been used by 30 million people so far – read also their experiences.



Project management

This ability is welcome in almost every company. Project Management Professional (PMP) training is available online on the Project Management Institute’s official website.

Unfortunately, it’s not free, but once you’ve passed this certificate, you’ll automatically stand out from the crowd who apply for a particular job and get promoted later.



The categories they offer are Education, Science, Technology, Marketing, Economy, Finance, Health, Management and Art. The certificate you receive after graduation is free and most courses take approximately 1 month to complete.




As the Kenyan said, you can also learn on YouTube. What? It is up to you to decide, but it is almost certain that there is a detailed school on this platform that offers exactly what you are interested in. In particular, most U.S. universities such as Berkeley or MIT have a number of classes on YouTube.



Social media marketing

Another very popular and colorful area in today’s online world is social media marketing. You can find several free online certificates on the HubSpot Academy website. All you have to do is create an account on the page and select the one you want.

In addition to certificates to acquire marketing knowledge, the site also offers sales and design sales.




The advanced interactive online learning system offers certificates for 1000 different courses, some of which are available in multiple languages, up to a dozen. You can search for courses by subject or level of education (certificate or diploma) and be guided by the grades of those who have attended them.

A site that really offers a lot of courses in different areas. Certificates can also be obtained from some areas. It offers everything from health courses to languages ​​to IT skills. Best to see for yourself.

Are you looking for a new job, would you like to be promoted or do you want to start your own company? Alison can be a great source of new information for you. New skills and knowledge make you a more valuable employee, whether you do it for yourself, your employer or your future employer.

In 2014, it was reported that 14% of Alison’s graduates either got a job, were promoted, or left college.

Some of the course categories are: diploma courses, business skills, digital and IT skills, personal development, languages, curricula, health and safety, finance and economics etc. and all are free.



Khan and Code Academy

The nonprofit focused on providing free courses in math, science, computer programming, history, art, business, and other various fields. They even prepare you for tests in America, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, etc.

Khan Education The Khan Academy is a great example of education. Salman Khan, an American entrepreneur and teacher, helped his relatives master math through videos that he uploaded to YouTube. These videos were then seen by other YouTube users who asked questions and asked for more.

This is how the Khan Academy came into being, which is now much more developed and comprises more than 3,800 video lessons and a growing number of courses. Not only in mathematics, but also in other natural sciences, including some social sciences such as history, art history, and some current topics. You will also find preparatory courses for passing some standardized tests.

This page is not only educational, but also interesting because you can quickly find out what interests you, you can get free online courses with certificates.

In contrast to the Khan Academy, the Codecademy focuses on programming. So there are no videos, but this is learned by carefully preparing each lesson, in which you have to apply what you have learned after each step. With your “challenges”, CA also encourages you to use your knowledge to implement realistic and useful projects.

Both sites use the system of awarding badges and points in terms of merit, that is, on the material handed over. While the Codecademy lingers there, the Khan Academy has a much more complex process to monitor your progress.

From a Google Map-like hour map, where you can see how the hours are sorted and linked and what you’ve been through until then, to your performance statistics in the form of various graphs. The Khan Academy also offers an area for mentors and lecturers who have more sophisticated tools to view student progress data.

On the other hand, you can become a mentor or lecturer if one of the students suggests you. Udacity is another site that follows the codecademy concept by offering video courses but not offering a large number of courses (education).



University courses

Udacity, Coursera, Class2Go and edX are rooted communities from US universities, especially Stanford. You can find free online courses with certificates on the internet.

As in school, you have to register for the subject, write papers, take exams on the cut-off date. Unlike colleges, there may be no place for you in the subject you choose because everything is free and thousands of students can take the same course.

The evaluation of the work is done by the system “Replace the work with another one from the workbench and inspect”. More specifically, after you submit your work or test, you have the option to review someone else’s work.



A million students at Coursera

One of the most popular educational platforms started offering free courses to get them known, and after a while a fee was raised, but great free materials are still available.

All of these platforms break down educational barriers, but Coursera has gone one step further and adopted the paid scholarship model. Up to 60% of the fellows come from developing countries.

This type of learning has been criticized many times. For example, educators often criticized the Khan Academy for finding a lot of mistakes in class, misrepresenting information, or misinterpreting things. This may be the case in some lessons, but such criticisms are still exaggerated.

The free online courses with certificates are getting better and better, like all other things on the Internet, that are created and maintained by a community. We certainly cannot trust every Wikipedia article, but we can get some basic ideas about what we will be informed about.



Free online courses with certificates

In addition to these online academies “free online courses with certificates”, there are some other interesting goals. offers very good video courses that focus not only on computers and the internet, but also on management, photography and many other areas.

Lecturers are experts who have ready-made lectures. Only charges fees for your courses and you must subscribe to them. However, some clips and courses are free and can be found on or YouTube. It is similar to

You manage the badge system for certain services. Tv has very good video lessons and video blogs from Adobe evangelists. If you follow these video blogs, you can learn the basics of all Adobe products. and tutsplus blogs offer very informative blog posts with step-by-step instructions and often video lessons. Most things are free, but there are some premium courses.

It is important to have will and initiative for every learning, and with the availability of these new methods, learning becomes entertaining and useful. According to the current situation, universities are being completed for a diploma and courses are being registered to receive the certificates that we have given in our resumes, to participate in the competition as well as possible and to stand out from job offers.


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