What You Can Do with a Health Administration Degree

What You Can Do with a Health Administration Degree? Many people strive to achieve their degree and reach that goal through schooling and hard work. Whether it’s a GE, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate, degrees can be useful and increase your opportunities for future jobs.

Getting a degree will also widen your knowledge base of subjects related to your degree, better preparing you for a career in the field of your choosing. In particular, health administration degrees are becoming more and more useful according to current employment trends and increasing knowledge of our bodies, health, medicine, and technology. With advancement comes more job opportunities to fill needs and positions in expanding fields.



Getting a degree in health administration opens up a world of opportunity for advancement in your career, especially as the health industry continues to grow and expand, providing future jobs and opportunities for personal advancement. In general, a health administration degree is useful mainly for three job categories—public health, health informatics, and health administration or management. All three of these categories include multiple jobs spanning across all kinds of projects and facilities.

You can also choose to add to your current degree by obtaining a health administration degree as well. If you have multiple degrees relating to the health field, you will be better prepared for certain career positions and have a better chance of finding a position relevant to your skills and interests.


Public Health

A career in public health may include anything from providing better clinics to controlling disease and virus outbreaks in communities, or even containing and reducing environmental hazards. You can find public health jobs with for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, and even government positions. Some public health positions may also relate to public safety and public relations as well.

Researchers and educators may also wish to pursue a degree in health administration to start a career in public health. Although salaries vary, many public health positions include excellent health and family benefits, as well as a living wage.


Health Informatics

The healthcare informatics industry is expected to continue to grow quickly in the coming years, improving the employment rate in this field. Healthcare informatics is all about information, specifically the collection, maintenance, and storage of information, as well as keeping records such as patient records at a hospital or health center.

Health informatics careers tend to be detail-oriented and involve lots of interaction with others, so those who are people-oriented tend to excel in health informatics positions. As with most positions, salaries may vary.


Administration Degree


Health Management and Administration

Health management and administration careers directly relate to a health administration degree, often involving positions in hospitals and clinics, but they may also include other positions, such as in nursing homes and private practices. Those who pursue administrative positions will mainly tend to administrative duties including improving efficiency, settling conflicts, supporting general staff organization, and making business-related decisions.

However, health management positions also involve long hours and greater incorporated responsibility compared to other healthcare positions. Responsibilities include budgeting, overseeing projects, managing employees, recruiting, managing public outreach, and overseeing public relations. The salary for management positions tend to be higher, but these positions take years of experience and skills to achieve, and sometimes higher education degrees, such as a Master’s degree.

Health management and administration is also a fulfilling field to work in, as you have an opportunity to create positive changes for large groups of people through health care, especially in hospital management positions. Making decisions in management positions may have greater impact, especially for communities depending on local health centers.

Whichever career route you decide to take, it is, of course, important to achieve the degree first. It’s imperative that you choose a school that suits your needs as a student and as an individual. You may decide to pursue a health administration degree at a college or university, or through an online program.

Some programs offer mixed learning courses, allowing you to take some classes online and others on campus, creating a more convenient experience for you. With online classes, you can better control your learning pace and learning style through self-led learning.

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